If you wish to consult our archives and library, you must book in advance. Our staff will plan the date and time of your visit according to your needs and to our staff’s availability to guide you while consulting documents and other materials preserved in our offices.

Visitor admission regulations:

  • On arrival, please sign and confirm your visit entry and exit times by filling in the schedule you will find at the entrance of the Museum
  • You will be required to leave your bags in the lockers located in the bookshop. Please, do not forget to return your locker key once you have completed your visit
  • Fill in the relevant form with details of the documents or other materials you are consulting
  • You are not allowed to consult documents or other materials outside the designated consulting rooms
  • You are not allowed to consume food or beverage during your visit to the archives/library
  • To avoid and prevent any damages, you are required to handle documents and materials very carefully and, if necessary, you may be asked to wear special gloves which the staff will be happy to provide; you are not allowed to write notes, references or to change the order of any documents or materials
  • You are not allowed to copy or take pictures of any documents or materials (unless you have received prior authorization by a member of the Museum staff)

Under no circumstances, visitors or students are allowed to temporarily take any documents or materials from the archives or library. The Borgogna Museum reserves the right to give authorization to publish any documents or materials, providing prior written request has been received.

In this case, applicants commit to provide the Museum staff with two copies of the publication for which the materials are necessary and to refer to the original source as instructed by Museum Director