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The Borgogna Museum staff are composed of qualified tourist guides who conduct visitors in tours of the Museum, the city of Vercelli and the surrounding area.

Vercelli is part of the prestigious network of cities of art in the Po Valley (

Tourists are welcomed by our staff who always pay great attention to the needs of our visitors, whether they are in groups or individuals. To help us improve our service, visitors and tourists can share their feedback via email or post. Our staff work to adapt to and to meet our visitors’ requirements and suggestions.

In cooperation with the local tourist information office, the events calendar is constantly updated with details on exhibitions, fairs, special events in the city of Vercelli and surroundings (

Contact us: +39 (0)161-252764 or

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How to consult our archive and library:

We offer academics the opportunity to consult our archive and library.

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Send an email to:

Book you visit: expert staff will assist you during your tour.

Photo archive

Archive assistants will assist students in their iconographic research.

Digital images or photo prints of artworks and areas of the Museum are available for study, publishing, scientific and didactic purpose. A form is available to download based on the purpose of your interest. Each form contains guidelines on the use of images, eventual payment, copyright or costs of photographic reproductions.

Click here for guidelines on how to submit your request for images from our photo archive.

Download the request form and, once completed, scan and send it to


Subject to the Management’s approval and in compliance with safety regulations and preservation of artworks, it is possible to make videos inside the rooms of the Museum for publishing projects and following previous request via specific form (available to download at the following link)

Request Forms
Please, download, fill, sign, scan and send one of the following forms to:
Forms must be accompanied by email or formal letter.

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To visit our art library, you are required to book in advance via email at or by phone +39 (0)161-211338.

Book exchange
To enrich our library, we support book exchange with cultural institutions.
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Find out more: the museum bibliography

Opening hours
Tuesday – Friday 9:00am – 1:00pm and 2:00pm – 5.30pm

The museum is a place where every member of the family can experience emotions and enjoy activities!

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Kids friendly

If you visit the Borgogna Museum with mom and dad, you will be given some activity sheets and a small paint kit you can enjoy both at the museum and at home.

Click here to download information for baby explorers!

Family events
The museum’s education department makes learning art enjoyable through events, shows and workshops for both kids and families. We hold such events at the weekends and we also plan personalized birthday parties.
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Events Calendar (ITA)


The museum’s educative department activities are part of the so called Jump Project – learn and play. These are financed by the Piedmont Region, the Cassa di Risparmio di Vercelli, the Fondazione San Paolo promoting social development, the Province of Vercelli and the technical support of Faber-Castell, leading manufacturer of wood cased pencils.

We work in cooperation with many organizations and friends from the “Strada Vercellese del Riso di Qualità” (promoting rice cultivation), and other partners providing snacks and materials to hold our activities.

The museum is a lively place where artworks “come to life” and visitors feel good because they can share their experience, knowledge and needs.

That is the idea behind the museum’s education department activity when planning and taking guided tours and workshops for schools (whatever stage of education). Each activity starts with teachers and students sharing comments and questions, making every experience unique, involving, instructive and entertaining.

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Plan your school visit:

  • Download the relevant form for your school – see links below
  • Contact the museum’s education department by phone +39 (0)161-252764 Tuesday – Friday during office hours) or by e-mail:
  • Plan with our staff date and time of your guided tour and share any special requirements (booking is not optional)
  • Fill in the form: ten days before the guided tour, complete the form and send it to

Download our programmes, choose your itinerary and download the booking form specific to your school visit

Infant and primary school
First-grade secondary school (lower secondary education)
Second-grade secondary school (upper secondary education)

Activities and research of the museum’s education department Jump Project – learn and play, are financed by the Piedmont Region, the Cassa di Risparmio di Vercelli, the Fondazione San Paolo promoting social development, the Province of Vercelli and the technical support of Faber-Castell, leading manufacturer of wood cased pencils, and are in partnership with “Strada Vercellese del Riso di Qualità” (promoting rice cultivation).

ospiti museo borgogna museo per tutti

The Borgogna Museum has been working for years on accessibility and since 2010 it is member, with other 7 museums in the Piedmont region, of the “Diversamente Musei” project, to make disabled visitors aware of physical accessibility to the museum and its collections.

Today all areas of the museum are accessible for disabled people thanks to a ramp at the entrance, a lift acceding all floors and a designated itinerary to access all the rooms of the ground floor.

Since 2003 and made in partnership with UIC and UNIVoC of Vercelli (two local associations for the blind), the museum has tactile panels</strong for 12 of the most representative paintings, with comment and brief guide in braille, and photographic reproductions with black descriptions for visually impaired people. The aim was to produce tactile materials for exhibitions or themed itineraries through the collections.

The museum’s education department is committed to the accessibility issue for disabled people, in fact some members of the staff were specifically trained for that.

The museum offers special tours to people attending disability day care centres (Eureka project) or support groups for disabled in local schools. In addition to that, we offer programmes with activities and tours for patients of nursing homes and senior centres.