Obtaining photo-archive content is possible through prior written request or e-mail request. Do not forget to include:

  1. Title of the materials/works of interest
  2. Format in which to be received
  3. Purpose of the request (i.e. studies, publications, audio-visual, TV programmes, scientific, didactic, advertising/commercial purpose etc.)



  • Obtaining photo-archive content in any format allows you to, but is not limited to, the usage of materials for one printed edition available in one language only, whether against payment or not of publishing rights.
  • Any other purpose of content usage is authorized providing prior written request has been submitted to the Museum Board.
  • Institutions, publishers and /or graphic designers/printers (commissioned to print obtained materials) are ONLY authorized to usage of the same as per approved request detailed in the submitted form.
  • Institutions or students submitting their request, are required to report, on any printed edition or other printing format, the original work of art details/description as provided by the museum in the photographic content delivery note.
  • Institutions or students submitting their request, are required to provide the museum with at least two copies of the publication or content reproducing the museum works of art.