The activities for students and families are part of the “Jump project: learn and play – young people discovering Vercelli and its museums”. The project launched in 2004 and involves all three museums of Vercelli (the Borgogna Museum, the Leone Museum and the Cathedral Treasure Museum) to promote educational programmes of each museum online.

Since 2005, the Jump Project has been working in cooperation with the Jewish Community of Vercelli and other cultural institutions like the Civic Library and the Historic Archive of Vercelli.
Since 2015, the Archeological Museum of Vercelli MAC has been contributing to such project.

The education departments of all museums involved hold promotional activities, events, shows and family days.

Jump Project is supported by the Municipality of Vercelli, the Piedmont Region and the Compagnia di San Paolo and has proved to be an efficient tool to involve students and teachers in discovering the value of a varied and shared legacy. Traditional guided tours have been replaced by dynamic and interactive workshops thanks to qualified staff focused on planning and proposing activities for students. Involving experts, actors, musicians, restorers and many other professional people has allowed us to offer engaging and exciting programmes with very positive feedback from schools.
Every year we receive requests from a vast number of schools throughout to enrich their programmes or to replace some activities with our workshops where students can directly experience art. We often plan specific tours for special events and exhibitions to display works of art that we usually do not include in our collections and that have been stored for long periods of time.